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Step 1 - Install Theano, Anaconda, Keras

pip install keras==1.2.2

Step 2 - Fast.ai refinements

  • From Anaconda Prompt (bcolz is required for saving & loading arrays, ffmpeg for sgd-intro.ipynb):
conda install bcolz
conda install -c menpo ffmpeg

Execute a simple test to make sure theano and keras have been installed, from a python cli:

import theano, keras

The Keras config (%USERPROFILE%\.keras\keras.json) will default to using Tensor Flow. These lines:

"image_dim_ordering": "tf"
"backend": "tensorflow"

should be changed to use Theano:

"image_dim_ordering": "th"
"backend": "theano"

Step 3 - Execute Lesson 1 notebook

  • You should now be able to execute lesson 1 after starting up Jupyter Notebook from the start menu.
  • The Jupyter Notebook shortcut may be modified to change the starting location for Jupyter

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