Starting Over with AWS

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If you've really ended up in weird state, have already read AWS install#Common_Problems, and want to just start over, here are the steps you need to take. Make sure you are in the ec2 section of the AWS console, and then complete the following steps (use the links on the left side of the AWS console to switch to the relevant screens):

  1. From the terminal on your computer:
    rm ~/.ssh/aws-key.pem
  2. Before completing the following steps, check the top right corner of your console to make sure that you are in the correct region (in our case, Oregon).
    EC2 Management Console region.png
    AWS only shows you instances from one region at a time, and you want to delete everything and start over in your region of interest.
  3. From the AWS console, terminate all instances
    Terminate instance.png
  4. Release elastic IPs
    Release IPs.png
  5. Delete private keys
    Delete keys.png
  6. Then switch to the VPCs section of the AWS console to delete your VPCs:
    Delete vpc.png

Note: Do not delete your user.