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Kaggle-CLI is a command line tool that will let you download Kaggle data and submit entries from the command line. This is particularly useful when working on your AWS instance. To get started with it, first ssh into your AWS instance.

Then run:

pip install kaggle-cli
kg config -g -u `username` -p `password` -c `competition`

In this case, the competition is dogs-vs-cats-redux-kernels-edition. By setting the config, you don't have to pass your username and password for future commands.

Before you can download the data, you must go to the Kaggle website through the browser and accept the rules for the competition. You will get an error if you try to download without having accepted the rules.

Now you are ready to run:

kg download

You will need to install and use unzip to unzip.

sudo apt install unzip
unzip train.zip
unzip test.zip

Now you're ready to set up your directory structure with sample, dogs, cats, and valid directories and sub-directories as needed to get the data working with the lesson 1 notebook.

Fixes for Common Issues

  • If you've always signed into Kaggle using a linked social media account, you will get an error using the kaggle cli, which requires that you have a separate kaggle login. Fortunately, Kaggle has a solution: if you select *Forgot Password?*, you'll receive an email with a few different options, the 3rd of which lets you set up your own Kaggle username/password and connects it to your original social media account